Contract Companion - Legal Proofreading


Legal proofreading powered by Artificial Document Intelligence(tm)

Whether you start from a template, reuse prior agreements, or edit an opposing draft, Contract Companion ensures all your agreements meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations of spotless work. A subscription to Litera Contract Companion is required.

  • Increase profitability, ensure quality, and protect your reputation with automated proofreading that takes minutes, ensures consistency, and is the only comprehensive proofreading solution
  • Developed for the legal industry, it is ideal for lawyers, legal assistants, administrative assistants, and anyone who needs to author, collaborate, review, edit, or finalize a legal document
  • Contract Companion is intuitive, easy to use with little or no training, and increases productivity by automating many tedious legal proofreading tasks
  • Provides a way to review and navigate to the items found in the following areas through a task pane in Word

Add-in Features:

  • Risk Assessment shows the legal health of your document in seconds
  • Defined Term Issues ensures your specific language is defined and used properly throughout the document
  • References confirms and identifies every manual or automated cross reference to a previous section or definition, legislation section, as well as external documents, guaranteeing document consistency
  • Common Terms identifies well-known terms in your document that don’t need a definition, so you can review and eliminate ambiguity
  • Names, Dates, Etc. catches all the important items needed to be changed when you reuse a document for a new purpose
  • Editing Mistakes eliminates embarrassing editing mistakes, by identifying them, and enabling you to boost your document’s quality
  • Definitions lists all defined terms, so you can ensure defined terms are consistent
  • Inconsistent Phrases ensures consistent language throughout even the most lengthy agreements by identifying potentially harmful inconsistencies using our patented technology
  • Incomplete Items finds placeholders in the document where information must be added to complete the agreement
  • Numbering Issues displays errors in both manual and automated numbering
  • All Results lists all items found throughout all the categories for a comprehensive list of everything needing review and potentially change
  • Reports creates a report of all items checked in the task pane and attaches it to an email for you to send for a record of those things found that you or someone else can fix
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