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A content streaming service for modern learning including 5000+ lessons on Microsoft 365.

ClipTraining is an on-line streaming platform for training videos with over 5,000 task-based learning sessions included in the library. The solution allows organizations to deliver learning content easily and effectively. The web-based interface is fully customizable through an administration page so organizations can create specific learning paths for their users or hide training materials that are unneeded. PLUS, it runs in Teams so users can stay productive without leaving their collaboration environment!

- "How-To" task-based video lessons! Example walk-through instructions help users retain skills by applying their new training immediately.

- Learn from Microsoft MVPs! Watch with confidence because all lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

- Training covers all Microsoft 365 workloads! Drive skills enablement quickly using a self-service learning approach that gives users the answers they need at their fingertips.

- Boost productivity and save time! Users save hours each month by finding answers to their “how-to” questions without calling the Helpdesk, which means lower support costs and higher productivity.

**Now Running Inside Teams: The ClipTraining video library is available from within a Teams application that can be easily deployed to every end-user environment. Enterprise organizations want to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365, and especially drive the adoption of Teams as the center point of collaboration. Today you can deploy all your training and internal communication videos through a Teams site.

ClipTraining was designed with full-text indexed search capabilities so users can quickly access the training videos they need from any device. Learning sessions are divided into short, task-based videos that cover all aspects of Microsoft 365 products. Empowering users with this new self-service learning model is the least obtrusive way to impart knowledge continually, while maintaining productivity at the same time.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced help desk calls (customers have reported as much as a 60% reduction)
  • Improved knowledge retention
  • Maintains user productivity while driving skills enablement
  • Gamification built-in to drive proactive learning
  • Configurable learning paths matched to job roles or departments
  • Simplified administration for tracking and reporting user learning activities

Future releases will include the capability to collaborate on specific content and collateral directly in your relevant Team.

If you have feedback or questions about the app, please reach out to

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