Modern Data Visualizer

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Create highly flexible and personalized SharePoint data viewing and filtering experiences in minutes

The 'Modern Data Visualizer' solution is a set of SharePoint Online modern Web Parts allowing SharePoint super users, webmasters and developers to create highly flexible and personalized data viewing and filtering experiences in minutes! It is the enhanced product version of the well known "Pattern & Practices Modern Search" open-source solution that we also created.

What's included?

The solution offers the following Web Parts:

  • Data Visualizer: Retrieve and display data from multiple sources using customizable templates (cards, list, carousel, people, etc.). Can be used alone in a page.
  • Data Filters: Filter data source results using mutliple formats (taxonomy, date range, combo box, check box, etc.).
  • Data Verticals: Browse data as verticals (i.e categories)
  • Search box: Search for data source results using free query text and/or suggestions.

By getting this solution, you also benefit from an advanced extensibility model allowing SharePoint Framework developers to customize the solution according to their requirements if default features don't do the job.

The supported extensions are:

  • Custom data sources.
  • Custom layouts.
  • Custom web components.
  • Custom suggestions providers.
  • Custom Handlebars customization (helpers, partials, etc.).

What can I do with it?

As this solution is truly a swiss army knife, it can be used for many purposes and for multiple projects in your organization. This goes from building a complete custom search center with connected Web Parts to a simple static set of links with custom HTML displayed on a page. Any data coming from a supported data source can be displayed the way you want in a SharePoint modern page.

Supported browsers

Here is the list of supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Edge Chromium
  • Brave

We don't support Internet Explorer 11. We think there are plenty of other options for enterprise scenarios in the market. Maybe it's time to move on. For developers, it represents an huge ammount of time to make the solution compatible for a very low benefit. Hope you understand, nothing personal ;).


A complete documentation can be found online. We also provide some video tutorials to accomplish common scenarios.

Issues, questions, feedback?

For any issue, question or feedback, please use the official GitHub repository. We will be happy to help you!

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