Simple List Search by Bamboo

Bamboo Solutions

Quickly locate data that matters most with streamlined, targeted SharePoint Online list searches.

Search Simplified: List Search makes it easy to find what you need, using a straightforward search interface.

- Create a simplified search interface in a few clicks, without sacrificing any power

- Target specific SharePoint lists and columns, without creating indexes or search scopes

- Gain clarity with search results presented in a familiar SharePoint list view

- Define how individual column searches are joined using “AND” or “OR” operators

Advanced Results: Put an end to overwhelming search results that lack context, frustrate users and waste valuable time.

- Enable users to get what they need faster with more relevant search results

- Powerful search options include configurable search fields and all columns search

- Limit search to whole word terms or allow partial word matching

- Personalize and refine results with flexible display options

Designed Your Way: Match List Search to your portal or your brand.

- Easily customize List Search to match your portal or your brand

- Create your own themes with editable HTML and CSS

- Translate the search interface into any language 

- Print search results with layouts intact 

Key Benefits: Create Powerful Search Interfaces Easily

- Find what you are looking for quickly and easily

- Keep the power, enhance the clarity

- Maximize search reliability

- Enable users to get what they need faster

Perpetual Domain Level Pricing

- Perpetual one time license pricing, with no user limitations, ensures the product will add value for years to

come with no complicated subscriptions

- Installation can be at domain level or targeted to specific site collections

- Download provides 30 day free trial

- Perpetual license one time purchase USD$3,995


- License includes 1st year product enhancements and phone/ticket system support (8am 5pm Eastern US)

- Product supports both SharePoint Modern and Classic sites

- Works with SharePoint Online (365)

- Works on Gov Cloud installations

- Optional 2nd year maintenance available at 22% of license price, billed on anniversary of purchase.

About Bamboo

Back in 2001, our company name was inspired by the bamboo plant — strong, flexible and easily adapted for a variety of global solutions. Today, by adding the consulting services of SharePointXperts to the Bamboo family, we have become a global-leading provider of enterprise-class software applications and consulting services designed to extend the native capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. So far, over 8,000 organizations worldwide have chosen to enhance their SharePoint deployment with products, solutions and services from Bamboo.

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