Placekey - Address Matching and Entity Resolution


Get your datasets to speak to each other with Placekey, the universal ID for any physical place.

Placekey serves as a standard universal identifier for any physical place, so that information pertaining to those places can be shared easily across organizations and datasets. This Add-in exposes the full functionality of the Placekey API in order to quickly add Placekeys to your address and geocoding data, right from Microsoft Excel.

How can I use Placekey?

Placekeys solve a number of common problems for data scientists. As a unique identifier for any physical place, Placekey simplifies the process of joining both POI or non-POI datasets. Placekey also reveals relationships between POIs and addresses, providing details such as proximity, co-tenancy, and POI history. Even places without addresses can be appended with a Placekey.

Placekey Details:

Each Placekey is divided into two parts: What and Where, written as “What@Where”. The What part encodes information about the place and its address, while the Where part situates that place on Earth. The What part of a Placekey is optional, and a Whatless Placekey like “@5vg-7qg-tvz” refers to a region on the Earth while a What part plus a Where part specifies a particular place within a region on the Earth. The Where part of a Placekey encodes a hexagon of approximately 15,000 m2 on the surface of the Earth. These hexagons have an edge length of 66 m on average, and it can be helpful to think of them as roughly circles with a diameter of 132 m. The exact area and edge length of the hexagon varies by location. In particular, these hexagons are given by resolution 10 H3 indices.

To use the Placekey Add-in for Excel, you'll need an API key from Placekey ( Placekey is totally free, create an account to get your API key!

Full instructions and documentation can be found here:

This Add-in does not support Internet Explorer 11.

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