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View key events on your Power BI report in a calendar view | PBI certified

Calendar by MAQ Software is the most effective way to track events in Power BI. Schedule events for specific days, then use them as a reference while reviewing your report.

Business Uses:

  • Project Managers – Monitor project schedules and key deadlines
  • Sales and Marketing – Keep track of key dates in your sales and marketing campaigns
  • Human Resources – Manage your organization’s events, vacation schedule, and year-end reviews

Key Features:

  • Ability to group events based on category
  • Multiple views available—Month, Week, Day, and List
  • Ability to navigate to event details with a click

  • Ability to set workdays and hours

What's New in

  • Added custom views (Year, Semester, Quarter)
  • Ability to hide time in Week and List view
  • Ability to select multiple events

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Thank you for using Calendar by MAQ Software.

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