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To showcase hierarchies in a more visually appealing manner with support for two measures.

The xViz Hierarchical Tree is an advanced custom visual built for Power BI to showcase hierarchies in a more visually appealing manner. It comes handy with a lot of features and the flexibility to customize it in such a way that it suits a lot of business requirements where we deal with Hierarchies. Hierarchical Tree is similar to decomposition tree in layout and it allows you to compare two measures, such as budget and actual, and see the variance between them. **KEY FEATURES** - Visualize hierarchy with Unlimited Depth - Displays contribution of each node - In-built absolute & percentage variance calculation - Show alerts on Progress Bar - Conditional Formatting capabilities on nodes and values - Mini-map feature for easy navigation - Effective Find & Seek option to search any Node in the hierarchy - Expand on-demand to decompose each category - Runtime Configuration capabilities **USE CASES** 1. Visualize multi-level hierarchical data such as Region, Category, Sales Representatives with ease using the nodes in Hierarchical Tree 2. Geographical Data which brings in Country, Region, City-level data can be visualised effectively 3. Analyze the important KPI’s in a business scenario using Hierarchical Tree Node Structure For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at : []( Pro features are listed in visual and [Pro Features](, additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list.

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