Active Cypher - Scout

Active Cypher

Inspects Active Directory and AAD Compliance prior to deploying Active Cypher File Security

Protecting your company begins with protecting your files.

Your Company files need protection from the terrorizing nature of ransomware and espionage. Build a wall of protection around every file on your Company network. Make that wall is impenetrable from insider attempts to steal your company data, and hold you at their mercy, while you are most vulnerable.

Make certain you are aware of every attempt to access your company data by enforcing strict rules of compliance requiring the identity of the user be verified and validated, along with the device they are on, and where in the world they might be located. You should also look up that user's Active Directory Account Status, as well as the Security Groups that the user is a member of. The result of failing to do these background checks and cross-reference checks before allowing access to the contents of that file, you just don't know if they are a real user in your company attempting to view confidential data, or if this is an attacker threatening to hold your private data ransom from you.

Active Cypher File Protection, built on the Microsoft Cloud, offers any company with local network files the ability to protect the data within those files no matter where they end up. Fully automated deployment to provide Microsoft's Identity Access Management to your workforce enabling transparent, seamless access to protected Company Files and Digital Assets with no additional IT burden to administer once deployed.

Why do I need to run Active Cypher Scout? 

Active Cypher Scout is a combination of management tool (Active Cypher Scouting Manager), reporting tool (Active Cypher Scouting Reports), and on-prem inspection tool (Active Cypher Scouting Agents), that work together as an application that checks your enterprise IT configuration and helps you adjust it to optimize your data protection. Once the configuration is verified, Active Cypher Scout displays a report with its findings. Based on the results, the Active Cypher team will be happy to help you solving any obstacles to the successful protection of your data.

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