Agrimetrics Data as a Service

argitaratzailea: Agrimetrics Limited

API access to linked data on field properties for 1 or all 1.45 million fields in the UK and beyond.

A range of high value datasets relating to the agri-food sector is available through the Agrimetrics data marketplace including data on weather, cropping and soil for 1 or all 1.45 million fields in the UK, AI-derived datasets such as satellite-data derived field properties and premium satellite data from Airbus. These are increasing all the time. It offers the agri-food sector easy access to key dataset from one place in one place, including on demand analysis-ready data delivered over API. This offer targets software developers, data engineers and data scientists in businesses the agri-food sector (agrichemical, R&D, retail, manufacturing, agriculture). Traditionally obtaining data for the agri-food sector by analysts is an extremely time and resource intensive task, involving sourcing, licensing, interpreting, transforming and aligning data. Using our solution these high time and financial costs can be avoided by enabling users to obtain just the analysis-ready data they need for their research or production level systems directly over API.

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