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Automation That Lets Data Speak and People Think

Alteryx + Microsoft is a powerful combination to speed analytics and data science leveraging Microsoft data sources and applications, and other data sources. With Alteryx, data professionals of any skill level can amplify and automate the value they receive from their Microsoft products including Azure, Excel, SQL Server, and Power BI.

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform empowers data scientists and business users with end-to-end analytics and process automation. Easily bring data in from anywhere, in any format, and start analyzing it immediately on a drag-and-drop interface that is both code-free and code-friendly. With over 260 automation building blocks, you can automate repetitive and complex steps in the analytic process across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid data sources. The only limit to analytic productivity is your problem-solving creativity.

By combining Alteryx and Microsoft, you can easily integrate cloud data for analytics; perform advanced analytics with Microsoft Azure; create analytic datasets with in-database blending for SQL Server and Azure SQL Data Warehouse; and quickly discover, blend, and analyze data from all of your data sources for consumption at scale in Power BI. 

Potential use cases include: 

    • Customer Sentiment Analysis:  Prepare survey data for sentiment analysis using data prep tools to clean and reformat survey data, then output to Microsoft Power BI.
    • Customer Response Modeling:  Predict customer purchases or a customer’s likelihood to engage with different forms of communication.
    • Report Data Cleansing:  Use Alteryx to import, clean, and format data from a traditional report into a data set that’s ready for visualization in Microsoft Power BI.
    • Predicting New Customers:  Build a linear regression model with code-free or code-friendly predictive tools to create a prioritized list of prospective customers for targeted marketing campaigns. 

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Streamline your use of this powerful analytics combination with the Alteryx + Microsoft Starter Kit.

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