ALVAO Asset Management

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Step up your inventory management and reduce overall IT costs

A comprehensive overview of IT assets

Know exactly what assets you have, whose responsibility they are and where each is located. An overall picture of each and every device, from acquisition to disposal, all in one place. No more hunting down, losing things, being unsure.

A unified source of reliable information on HW and SW

Manage all your operational asset records with one tool, easily and transparently. Get rid of cumbersome spreadsheet records. The system ensures data integrity and quality.

Get better user support with easily accessible data

Confusion breeds user mistrust. Help colleagues quickly deal with problematic devices by having all relevant info to hand: end of warranty period, incident history, equipment location on the premises,...

ITIL certified by Pink Elephant

The solution is certified by Pink Elephant, the International Authority on Asset Management and Service Asset and Configuration Management.

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