Proactive and Self Service Cobot

argitaratzailea: Anakage Technologies Private Limited

IT Help Desk Automation Platform

World's one of a kind "Virtual Help Desk Engineer/ CoBots" which can auto detect issues and remediate and guide users inside live application with no source code integration.

Service Desk engineer can configure these CoBots on light code IT Help Desk Automation Platform.

At we provides an intelligent overlay on top of applications to provide In-App guided self-service, easier onboarding on applications, besides proactive automation of endpoint.

Anakage can helps IT operations improve their Client's user digital experience and optimize IT Service desk by providing one single platform allowing:

  • Upto 50% End User ticket reduction via automated self heal and in-app guided self help

  • Less than 1 min of wait time for incident resolution

  • Eliminate Application training cost and accelerate time to productivity on applications

  • Improve Compliance levels by automating remediation

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