Platform for global manufacturing collaboration and rapid innovations.

Improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, agility and process adherence on a global scale.

Manufacturo can be used to deploy pre-built applications that will improve manufacturing efficiency, quality, and ensure compliance. These apps can be implemented in a matter of weeks and can be used standalone, or as a part of an enterprise solution. Rip and replace is not required as the new apps can integrate with existing manufacturing systems.

What's beyond ...

  • INNOVATIVE - Manufacturo was created to change the way you buy, implement, and use manufacturing solutions. This platform was built using the microservices architecture that enables global manufacturing collaboration and the rapid implementation of Industrial IoT (IIoT).
  • TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP - What you get are value and unlimited possibilities. You do not need to worry about significant upfront software or implementation costs. The pricing model is predictable and easy to understand - you only pay for what you use. Infrastructure, security, and updates are delivered to you seamlessly and all covered by the subscription plan.
  • INSTANT VALUE - Manufacturo's main aim is to simplify the deployment and roll-out of manufacturing applications that will deliver real business value. Imagine being able to deploy new applications in weeks, not months, as compared to other solutions. With this tool, you can quickly adapt to the fast-changing business environment and ensure project success.
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