WeWALK Indoor Navigation

WeWALK Limited

Install indoor navigation for your venue, Collect and manage behavior analytics of your visitors

Arikovani UK is visually impaired focused company. It develops accessibility solutions to the end users like WeWALK smart cane. WeWALK Indoor Navigation solution is a package which include installing beacon system to the venue and providing navigation. WeWALK Indoor Navigation solution also is a starting point to your location based marketing activities. Solutions Arikovani UK provide three solutions; Setup indoor navigation for your venue (your venue will be integrated with WeWALK smart cane and its application) Implement live behavior analytics for your venues (Allow you to track your marketing activities at indoor and measure physical experiences) Implement indoor navigation system into your application for the visually impaired or non-impaired people (Embedding the SDK into your application) Get consultation for venue analytics, your location based marketing results and get regular reporting Customers / Visitors can easily get navigation to the places (sections of buildings, shops in malls, special gathering points, nearest toilet etc.) with voice. We’re a partner of Wayfinder ( which is an organization, defines indoor navigation standards for the visually impaired.
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