Armored Things Crowd Intelligence Platform

Armored Things

Armored Things' Crowd Intelligence helps venues and campuses manage their security and operations

Armored Things specializes in crowd intelligence - patterns of people and flow - for the security and operations of large venues, corporations, and campuses. Armored Things uses the data from existing technology to help security and operations personnel spot security anomalies, improve staffing efficiency and placement, optimize space utilization, and more. Armored Things crowd intelligence has become increasingly important to our customers as they move toward reopening in a post-COVID world, including providing threshold alerts for occupancy and crowd density, utilization data for enhanced cleaning, and tools for policy compliance monitoring. Typical pain points Armored Things' crowd intelligence helps address include:

  • Manual security and operations resulting in inefficient allocation of time/resources and overextension of security teams.

  • Assumptions about space that are not validated by data, resulting in incorrect decisions on staffing/operations, increased risk of incidents, bottlenecks, and overcrowding.

  • Poor understanding of space use and inaccurate manual estimates, resulting in millions lost in unnecessary renovations and expansion.

  • In a COVID world, the need to be able to reopen while ensuring social distancing protocols are maintained without the tools to ensure compliance.

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