GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

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Unified Prevention, Extended Detection, Response And Risk Analytics For Every Organization

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise is a complete Endpoint Security solution designed from the ground up as an integrated next-gen EPP and easy-to-use EDR. It offers prevention, threat detection, automatic response, pre and post compromise visibility, alert triage, investigation, advanced search and one-click resolution capabilities. Bitdefender has developed over 30 layers of protection for all of your endpoints, offering the world’s most effective protection integrated with low overhead EDR and Endpoint Risk Analytics (ERA) in a single agent, single console architecture. With GravityZone Business Security Enterprise, you can reduce the number of vendors while compressing the time it takes to respond to threats via an integrated security stack. Unified Endpoint Prevention, Detection, Response and Risk Analytics for Every Organization.

In a hyperconnected world with unpredictable cyber risk, choose our security platform or managed service to become a more cyber resilient business.

We offer:

Unified endpoint security and analytics – across endpoints and hybrid workloads with easy administration

Unmatched attack prevention – technologies and machine-learning models to identify and stop more attacks

Experts you can hold accountable – 24x7 security operations with pre-defined response playbooks

Advanced threat intelligence built-in – threat research from the front lines, collaborating with law enforcement and academia

Better return on investment – engineering the complexity out of security to reduce risk at a lower total cost

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