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Visually design, deploy and manage your modern cloud infrastructures

Brainboard helps engineers design & deploy Cloud infrastructures visually and collaboratively without being GitOps/DevOps ninja.

How many tools do you use to manage your cloud infrastructures?

Do you find yourself gluing Terraform, Git, Vault, Jenkins/GitHub action, Lucidchart... to build and also maintain your cloud infrastructures? And you are also spending a lot of time to stay up to date?

I’ve seen this challenges at massive scale when I was the CTO of Scaleway and I realized that a company can waste a lot of time & money on things that we can automate.

And so what?

Ok. Today, when you have to build or troubleshoot a Cloud infrastructure you start with either a whiteboard or a paper to depict how things are connected, then you translate the diagram into code (Terraform?), version it (Yeah IaC), test it, deploy it and...manage its lifecycle.

Brainboard saves 75% of your time to design and manage your cloud infrastructure the right way.

Hiring more 😱 DevOps & Cloud architects?

Besides that it is hard to hire these profiles, if you provide them with the same old tools (screwdrivers and scissors) to build and maintain your production (an airplane) then → Good luck (to them).

If you want to remove the dependency of your developers on the cloud infrastructure team. Let’s talk, we may have the solution (combined, we have +25 years of experience on that).

How can Brainboard help me?

We’ve been developing the product for more than 2 years now integrating the feedback our +3000 users and customers gave us. Here are some of the key features that can help you:

  • You do the work once: you design and Brainboard writes the Terraform code for you
  • You can import your existing Terraform code and visualize your infrastructure
  • +50 cloud architecture templates ready to be used for Azure, AWS and GCP (VPC, Kubernetes, landing zones...)
  • Turn your best practices into templates shareable within your team/organization
  • Centralize the management of your cloud assets, people and expertise
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to manage Cloud infrastructures respecting your gitflow.

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