C3 AI Sensor Health

Ensure Optimal Deployment and Operational Health of IoT Sensor Devices

Connected IoT devices have expanded globally across a range of industries including energy and utilities, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and healthcare. As enterprises increase their investments in IoT devices to drive analytic and predictive insights, they will need scalable and efficient systems that can ensure the integrity of their IoT data, track progress and issues during IoT sensor deployment, and efficiently identify malfunctioning devices or network problems. C3 AI Sensor HealthTM ensures the operational effectiveness of IoT devices and network infrastructure during both the deployment and the operational life cycle of IoT devices. Using C3 AI Sensor Health, enterprises are able to reduce their IoT operational costs, safeguard revenues, and improve customer satisfaction.

During sensor deployment, C3 AI Sensor Health identifies and reconciles problems, prioritizes remediation efforts, and enables the effective management of third-party vendors. During the ongoing operation of the sensor network, C3 AI Sensor Health uses advanced machine learning algorithms that continuously improve over time to identify sensor issues with increasing precision, predict sensor failures, and ensure the efficient operation of the sensor network. In order to do this, C3 AI Sensor Health integrates and analyzes data from multiple disparate systems including IoT device data, head-end data from communication systems, asset management systems (AMS), global information systems (GIS), work order systems, customer relationship management systems (CRM), installation vendor data, and third-party data like weather.

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