Harmony Email & Office

Check Point

Advanced Threat Prevention, Anti-Phishing and Data Loss Prevention for Office 365

Check Point's Harmony Email & Office is the premier Office 365 security solution. It provides Advanced Threat Prevention, intelligent Anti-Phishing and unique Data Loss Prevention to your Office 365 Cloud email, OneDrive, and SharePoint. It also provides visibility into the organization's Office 365 usage and unique Identity Protection to prevent Account Takeovers. Harmony Email & Office connects to the organizations SaaS applications in seconds through simple API calls. Neither software installation nor appliance deployment is needed. You can get the most advanced Office 365 security solution in the market by simply registering to Check Point's Infinity Portal and choosing to start a Harmony Email & Office trial. The registration process is extremely easy. It takes a few seconds and requires no credit card. You can immediately connect your SaaS apps, start protecting them and notice the hundreds of security breaches we block. Secure your Office 365 today. 30 Days Free Trial, No Credit Card Needed.
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