Checkpoint Table Review Add-in for PowerPoint

Checkpoint Software, Ltd

Want to quickly review your report for error-free tables before sending it to management or client?

Checkpoint table review Add-in is a fast and efficient solution for reviewing and correcting tables directly on your Microsoft PowerPoint report.

It can be applied in many sectors, especially for financial services and financial departments. It is programmed to detect and correct any miscalculations in the accounting tables, saving you time and efforts in the search of common mistakes. The main purpose is to offer an intuitive and efficient tool to control the reports in order to avoid any mistakes that can be difficult to detect at first glance.

How does it work?

The Add-in remove the need to recalculating tables in excel and to manually check cross referencing.

The control is based on two checks:

  • Check Table is a tool able to find calculation errors that can be found inside of each section of the table and show it by underlining them in red for an intuitive detection.

  • Check Consistency helps to verify the correlation of numbers between tables and existing differences within the report and it will show it through a pop-up window by underlining it in blue.

Depending on the difficulty of a report, you can correct/review tables in less than 1h.

The function is simple to use:

  • Select the slides you want to check.
  • Select one of the two functions described: a window will appear indicating if you would like to review all the slides or just the ones selected.
  • After that selection a pop-up window will appear indicating all the errors detected and you will be able to navigate easily through the tables to find and correct these mistakes.

If you have issues to purchase our product from Appsource or Azure Marketplace, please click here to visit our corporate website.

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