Hub Cittamobi

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A platform created to centralize operation control integrating all systems in mobility enviroment.

The complexity of an urban transport operation requires more technology and intelligence to achieve quality, efficiency and profitability.

It is in this context that Cittamobi,
a company with expertise in solutions for urban mobility, launches Hub Cittamobi, a platform created to centralize control of the operation intelligently, integrating all systems and devices.

Hub Cittamobi was created to be the backbone of an urban mobility operation,eliminating multiple screens and lack of integration, generating more information in a simple and objective way.

Outcome: Efficiency and cost reduction. 

Main features

• Integrates the various systems in a single panel, making the management easier and more efficient.

• Connects devices, such as cameras, turnstiles, sensors, audio and video systems, variable message panels (VMP), WiFi and more.

• Detects problems and broadcasts alerts.
• Allows control by an operation center as well as on premises through tablets or smartphones.

• Reduces operational costs as it requires fewer employees on premises and allows us to intervene remotely. 

Real time information for the user. Embedded sensors in vehicles collect accurate location data that allow the system to provide the most valuable information to the users through panels installed throughout the environment: inside the buses, at bus stops, stations and terminals. 

This application is available in Brazilian Portuguese.

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