7-day Power BI Proof of Concept

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Demonstrate the advantages of Power BI with our 1-week, free Power BI Proof of Concept (POC)

Demonstrate the powerful advantages of Microsoft Power BI with the CloudMoyo 1-week, free Power BI Proof of Concept (PoC). Our Power BI consulting team will work with you to demonstrate a simple yet impactful use-case of your choice using your own data. 

This rapid Power BI pilot deployment is a low-risk, high-impact way to see your data at work, minimizing constraints, and aligning production to demand as you improve efficiency and profitability with real-time visual analytics.

This PoC will include a determination of a use-case for the PoC, setting up of an Enterprise Gateway and a solution template, building of a data model using 1-2 data sources, development of up to 5 common visualizations, and a roadmap for full-scale Power BI implementation. 

Our Power BI PoC methodology: 
1. Prepare and agree on detailed requirements 
2. Prepare and share a plan of PoC
3. Identify data sources and analyze data readiness 
4. Data preparation for visualization
5. Create an interactive report and a compelling dashboard 

* Travel cost additional for sites outside Seattle or Kansas City
* This 2-week service can be customized as per need and may be funded for qualified customers

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