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Scan unstructured data on-premises or in the Cloud. Analyze Risk, PII, Compliance. Actions & Migrate

Capitalize on Your Data with Universal Data Classification, Governance & Analysis

Classify360 is a data governance & rapid classification platform.

Classify360 enables intelligent data migration to Azure and most cloud or on-premises data sources including (but not limited to) SharePoint and O365 via automated compliance workflows, repeatable classification processes, and defensible policies for managing the whole enterprise data footprint.

Enterprises with rapidly growing datasets can simplify organizational complexities, mitigate data risk, and reduce costs associated with unnecessary on-premises storage overhead by using Classify360.

Users optimize the value of AIP and DLP technology investments by improving the quality of data flowing into these platforms through metadata injection and advanced tagging. Data stewards in all departments manage workflows collaboratively across the organization via a management portal displaying a queue of flagged risk files that qualify for review. This actionable data intelligence informs real-time data insight that empowers strategic, profitable business decisions. Classify360 supports ongoing, automated workflows to protect & improve the quality of your data year over year.

With Classify360: Scan any unstructured data trapped on legacy & new hardware on-prem or in the cloud quickly & securely. Protect your enterprise by analyzing data for risk, PII, compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, etc.). Scan any type of fileset, fileshare or data repository. Take actions to right-size data, intelligently migrate, or protect. Features: fast deployment - no development required; highly secure; data remains intact and never copied; built-in and customized labeling for compliance; full audit tracking; data stubbing for de-duplication; manual action or automated action. Ability to scan small, medium (TB) and extremely large (PB+) data sets quickly & efficiently. Surface scan offers most key data characteristics. Deep scan offers full insight at document/content level.

Common use cases:

  • Scan for Risk
  • Unblock SharePoint Adoption
  • Use with AIP and DLP
  • Data reduction

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