myData Connector

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Microsoft preferred solution

myData Connector is a SaaS solution and middleware tool between an ERP system and myDATA platform.

Innovative SaaS solution designed to help your business successfully comply with myDATA platform.


E-books are a crucial step towards the digital transformation of Greek Tax Administration and its relationship with Greek enterprises of all sizes. In order to comply with tax regulations, corporate companies -especially those using international ERP’s- need an easy to use solution that fully automates the daily transmission of Revenue/Expenses transactions to myDATA platform, i.e. the digital platform of Independent Public Revenues Authority (IPRA).


In response to the above regulations, Data Communication, member of Epsilon Net Group, has launched a flexible web app, designed to help any business fulfill their eBook obligations and successfully comply with myDATA platform, with premium protection based on advanced Microsoft Azure standards.


myData Connector is the ideal solution for all enterprises operating in Greece:

  • SaaS Solution on Microsoft Azure
  • Without Costly Upgrades of existing ERP systems
  • Without Changes to existing ERP
  • Without Changes to everyday routine
  • With Immediate deployment - Minimum initialization time
  • With On time automated updates
  • Always Complying with Regulations


This app is available in Greek only.

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