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Empowering brands with AI to curb the online grey market, capture resale trends, and gain edge

Founded in 2012, Data & Data is specialized in the luxury sector from watches and leather goods to fragrances. We help key decision-makers to understand the ever-changing dynamics of the global online market. This enables them to make more informed and effective strategies.

Leveraging AI tools (Computer Vision Technology, Natural Language Processing, and Translation API) added to our extensive hands-on experience and deep knowledge of the luxury industry, we build advanced customized solutions for you.

Monitor your online distribution across global e-commerce sites, online marketplaces, and social media.

-  GREY MARKET MONITORING: Understand the extent of grey market exposure in respect to your top competitors, identify grey market feeders, and devise effective counter-strategies to curb the parallel distribution.

PRE-OWNED MARKET MONITORING: Capture a global overview of the online pre-owned market. Identify trends impacting the positioning, pricing, and partnership strategies in order to unlock hidden areas of opportunity.

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: Determine your competitors’ standing and moves. 
Gain a clear picture of your brand’s online visibility to help you climb the competitive ladder. 

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