dDriven UNLSH Operations Digital Twin Platform

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dDriven UNLSH Operations Digital Twin Platform

dDriven is a pioneering Industrial Deep Tech company working with Fortune 500 Manufacturers to drastically reduce losses from Operational Inefficiencies that easily add up to USD250M annually for a mid-sized plant.

dDriven’s Digital Transformation Platform, UNLSH, captures data from IT-OT systems and IoT Devices to create Live Operations Digital Twins of plant and business operations that perform these key functions:

  • Pulse – Connects users to the “Pulse” of their operations, bringing out exceptions and anomalous trends
  • Insight and Foresight – The Digital Twins are augmented with sophisticated analytics that provide deeper insight into any current issue and provides foresight to potential future ones
  • Economics – Quantifies Economic Impact of any and every current or potential anomaly, deviation or excursion.

UNLSH does these by enabling confluence of business and operational data, domain and engineering knowledge, and advanced analytics such as AI and Deep Learning. UNLSH differentiates itself by being the ONLY platform with the following features:

  • Data Source Vendor Agnostic: Solves the problem of data-lock-in. It unleashes all IT-OT data and makes it available through open API.
  • Leverage and Liberate: UNLSH not only leverages all IT and OT data sources, it can leverage specialized models (predictive maintenance algorithm), specialized applications (e.g. MATLAB, Simulink, any LP tool, etc.). It leverages and liberates isolated data islands, application islands and isolated analytics islands.
  • Contextualization: UNLSH contextualizes both data (tabular, time-series) and all its derivatives (derived out of engineering analytics, business analytics, machine learning algorithms, etc.) through a unique digital twin mechanism. This allows cross functional cognition of all events, exceptions, anomalies and excursions.
  • No-Code: UNLSH is Graphical Configuration driven at every step - data ingestion, fusion, analytics, digital twin building, etc. This eliminates the IT complexity and dependency on specialized IT skillsets for any digitalization initiative, reducing risks involved and time-to-value by 80%.

A distinctive differentiator of UNLSH is that it quantifies economic impact of ALL deviations and excursions, be it overdue receivables or excess oxygen in furnaces, allowing users to prioritize actions from clear economic perspectives. This drives major reduction in Lost Profit-Opportunities (LPO) and continuous improvements of all Key Operating Parameters (KOP) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across the enterprise. UNLSH has become the de-facto “Operating System” of Digital Manufacturing for Manufacturing Majors and is mission critical in driving Efficiency, Sustainability, Profitability and Safety

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