A cloud service that automatically collects and reports Office 365 access logs and usage data.

IntelliReport is a cloud service that collects Office 365 audit logs, SharePoint access logs, and Office 36 usage data and reports trends. By using IntelliReport, it is possible to clearly understand the status of employees using Office 365 and information sharing sites, which leads to the improvement of portals and the sharing of corporate vision, as well as the behavior of employees and organizations with high performance. Pattern visualization makes it possible to set KPIs to improve working style and enhance engagement, which has traditionally been difficult to set quantitatively. Added value: (1) Productivity improvement To improve productivity, it is first necessary to understand how employees, teams and the whole organization work. With the ability to visualize how employees and teams work, working hours, and in-house information with high asset values, you can easily make strategic planning and measurement of effects for productivity improvement. (2) Maximize the effect of introducing Office 365 It visualizes the usage trends of Office 365 tools and reveals which tools are used and which tools are not used. Rules and guidelines can be established for tools that are frequently used by employees to implement security measures, and it can be used to determine whether to continue investing for tools that are infrequently used. (3) Security enhancement Internal control audits may require a trail record of the business system operation to prove that the business was performed properly according to the procedure. IntelliReport can collect, long-term store, and output Office 365 audit log, so it can be used as an audit compliant report when needed. This app is only available in Japanese.
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