AP Invoice Automation for Microsoft Office 365

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Vendor invoice automation built in Office 365 and utilizes the Microsoft Power Platform


The DynamicPoint EasyAP365 Invoice Automation application leverages the power of the Microsoft Office 365 platform to deliver a flexible, price effective solution with real-time integration to numerous market leading ERP applications.

The Power Platform

The product leverages the following aspects of the Power Platform:

    • SharePoint’s document libraries and list data storage
    • Power Apps mobility for check requests
    • Microsoft Power Automate approval workflows
    • Teams app interface
    • Document Intelligence invoice model for OCR


EasyAP365 supports secure, collaborative and paperless invoice processing through a flexible, configurable platform, that is capable of satisfying virtually any business requirements.

EasyAP365 features include a familiar Office 365 based user experience, integrated OCR for invoice character recognition, support for PO and non-PO invoices, allocation templates for default accounting assignment, new vendor onboarding, mobile check request submission and workflow for review and approval. All of the product's data stays right in your SharePoint online environment. No need to go elsewhere when you can process invoices directly from Office 365.

If you are interested in learning more and setting up a live demonstration, visit our site or schedule your live demo so we can see for yourself!

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