EASY for Exchange Cloud

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Expand Microsoft Exchange with audit-proof email archiving in the cloud.

EASY for Exchange relieves the burden on the Exchange infrastructure and forms the basis for extensive automation of business processes.
  • Avoid loss of information and data even if the mailbox owner does no longer exist.
  • Revision-proof storage, central information management of archived e-mails and use your e-mails even when you are offline.
  • GoBD compliant: Legally compliant and revision-proof e-mail archiving of all relevant e-mails including attachments via EASY for Exchange.
  • EASY for Exchange meets all requirements for legally compliant and revision-proof archiving.
  • In addition to legally compliant e-mail archiving, EASY for Exchange also provides e-mail referencing. This massively reduces the data volume in the personal mailbox!
  • EASY for Exchange lets you meet all DSGVO requirements, such as the "right to information" or the "right to delete / right to forget", because the archiving components of EASY for Exchange are based on the standard EASY archiving modules (EE.x, or EASY Archive). The standard archiving modules from EASY meet all DSGVO requirements.
  • EASY for Exchange can be implemented within a short period of time and is based on Microsoft standard technologies, which reduce the operative effort for solution operation and support to a minimum.
  • EASY for Exchange uses Microsoft standards with EWS (Exchange Web Services) and mail apps (for Outlook Web App, Office 365 and Outlook) as well as VSTO add-in technology. This provides the customer with future-proof standard technology.
  • EASY for Exchange is 100% integrated into the familiar e-mail client and uses e-mail referencing for legally compliant e-mail archiving. Users can access archived e-mails directly from their e-mail client.
  • EASY provides customers with an established and leading manufacturer for archiving, DMS, ECM and workflow optimization. EASY has been on the market since 1990, has more than 12,000 installations and almost 1,000 satisfied e-mail archiving customers using EASY for Exchange and its predecessor product EASY xBASE!
  • EASY for Exchange provides the option of easily linking legacy data. This eliminates time- and data-consuming migration.
  • EASY for Exchange provides customers with the ability to permanently archive mailboxes of retired employees in compliance with the law, to meet the requirements for long-term retention.
  • Permanent storage of users emails even when the users mailbox is deleted

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