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Ready to accelerate the collaboration and coordination with OT & IT?

Operational Technology is evolving more quickly now than at any time in the last 20 years. Uptake expert consultants have designed, implemented, optimized, and supported industrial data acquisition and automation systems from many different vendors and industries.

Much of the time, the solution to an operational challenge can be resolved quickly and inexpensively. It helps when you have seen the problem before. Uptake consultants have worked in many industries, and are familiar with many common operational challenges, as well as the existing tools that can be used to solve them.

Uptake can provide a complete program: identify business opportunities enabled by new technology, design technology architecture to facilitate transition, define applications to capture opportunities, select vendors, manage implementation, and communicate with stakeholders.

Lets bridge the gap between OT and IT and accelerate digitization.

About Us:

Uptake's team of consultants, developers and process control engineering experts in cloud technology, global connectivity and communication infrastructure are available to assist you through your journey of digital cloud transformation. We provide technology neutral Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions by leveraging over 100 years of combined industrial experience in automation and deriving value from the analysis of operational data. Our innovative IIoT leadership and technology bridges the gap between Operational Technology and Information Technology to elevate operational performance.

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