Vendor Registration PowerApp by Embee

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Streamline Vendor Master Data in SAP with Vendor Registration PowerApp by Embee

Your suppliers play a pivotal role in your operations. Create new vendors in your SAP system faster and ensure your vendor master data is right the first time, so you can place orders sooner, avoid costly receiving and invoicing errors, and improve vendor satisfaction and performance.

Automating your vendor master data processes will improve data quality and accuracy, and accelerate vendor record creation and change, freeing up time and resources.

Features of Vendor Registration PowerApp

  1. Master data entry screens for vendor
  2. Configurations of 60 to 80 fields with validations.
  3. Configuration of approval workflow to give clear visibility of the status with notification.
  4. The capture of data in SharePoint Online Platform.
  5. Automatic pulling of processed data from SharePoint Online and using API, push the data into SAP application and create vendor details into SAP.
  6. The scheduler at SharePoint end would integrate with SAP using API and push the vendor details to SAP for vendor creation.
  7. GST validation in the app itself using regex.
  8. Integration with Bank.


  1. Automation of approval process and status visibility
  2. Cost-Savings
  3. Reduction in manual hours
  4. Error-free Process
  5. Better performance and productivity
  6. In-app GST validation and integration with Bank 

Tools and Technologies Used

  1. PowerApps Platform
  2. SharePoint Online for datastore
  3. Windows scheduler for API Integration to SAP 

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