Experian Email Validation

Experian LTD

Standardize and validate your email addresses in-real time at the point of collection

With Experian Email Validation you can capture, standardize and validate your email addresses in real-time right at the point of data entry. Whether you choose to integrate into your website, at a point of sale, in a call center or CRM system, our API integrates seamlessly to protect your data quality without disrupting the user experience. By collecting an email correctly the first time, it ensures:

    • Ensures a positive experience
      Customers receive communication as expected, whether that is an e-receipt, loyalty club welcome, discount code, etc.
    • Eliminates future costs of acquisition
      You don’t need to spend additional costs gaining subscriber in future.
    • Extend Lifetime value of subscriber
      The longer you are engaged, the more revenue available.


Here are additional features and coverage

    • Both consumer and business email validation
    • Real-time checks with each Internet Service Provider, via SMTP and unique proprietary methods, to ensure that the email address is live and active
    • Filter for spam traps and email addresses containing profanities
    • Email syntax check with corrections suggested for common errors in email domains
    • Disposable and temporary email addresses removed that will be inactive after a period
    • Simple and actionable validation response codes
    • No fee for “Unknown” responses
    • Flexible deployment methods to suit any environment
    • License on a transactional, per seat or annual basis
    • 24/7 customer support

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