Fractal Trial Run

argitaratzailea: Fractal Analytics Inc.

Conduct business experiments on sites and markets for confident business decisions.​

Trial Run is a data-driven, cloud-based test management product that lets companies test business ideas in-store and in-market in a Simple, Scientific and Scalable manner.​
Trial Run minimizes the cost to deploy Run experiments while ensuring results can be extrapolated. It provides the best control for each test entity to compute statistically reliable results. Trial Run uses machine learning to identify the most important attributes driving or draining the results. This negates the effect of external variables to enable deep and accurate analysis.​
Trial Run brings a modern user-focused design with features that solve practical challenges in running experiments, automated end-to-end workflow to guide users, and UI design that strikes a balance between beginner and expert usage at a superior value for the cost.​
With its unique edge-cutting science and expert managed services, Trial Run empowers users to measure and refine strategies in a scientific and systematic manner.​

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