Cloud Payment HSM - UAT and Development


FIPS 140-2 & PCI HSM compliant cloud payment HSMs for customer UAT and development environments.

Using Futurex's FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM validated technology, VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs can perform cryptographic operations required for UAT and development associated with payment applications. This includes all functions available on the Futurex payment HSM used for various payment application use cases, including P2PE functions (cardholder data decryption, cardholder data translation), PIN and offset generation, online and mobile PIN management, EMV key generation and derivation, mobile payment token issuing, PIN translation and verification, EMV card validation, CVV validation and all related financial key management functions.

Typical users of cloud payment HSMs include banks, credit unions, transaction processors, retailers, and payment application providers.

Cloud payment HSMs enable organizations to unblock the migration of their overall payment processing ecosystem to the Azure cloud, eliminate the up-front capital expense involved with procuring and deploying hardware security modules, and increase their overall payment security posture.

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