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RADIUS-as-a-Service | Hassle Free Wifi Auth

RADIUS, which stands for “Remote Authentication Dial In User Service”, is a network protocol for user authentication and accounting. Commonly used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), corporate and educational networks, the RADIUS protocol serves three primary functions:

  • Authenticates users or devices before allowing them access to a network
  • Authorizes those users or devices for specific network services
  • Accounts for and tracks the usage of those services

Glück & Kanja is providing RADIUS as a service especially to enable modern workplace customers to get AzureAD authenticated access to Wifi networks without any on premise RADIUS components.

During the onboarding period GK will provide the customer with two IP addresses and a shared secret. With this procedure, we assure that only the customer can use this instance of GK RADIUSaaS. The customer then must configure those IP addresses together with the shared secret on his Wireless LAN Gateways for authentication purposes (RADIUS Server). With that, a client at the customer that tries to connect to the Wireless LAN will get redirected to RADIUSaaS for authentication.

Authentication on the RADIUSaaS is accomplished by checking for an Intune assigned certificate that is associated with the customer’s tenant. In other words: every machine that is Intune managed within the customers tenant will be able to access the customers wireless LAN.

This authentication service can be extended by the SCEPman module. With the SCEPman module, the customer is not bound to the Intune certificates but can use dedicated certificates. (see optional add-ons for more details).RADIUSaaS is offered in all Azure hemispheres.

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