SPAI platform for Health Systems

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Microsoft preferred solution

A predictive analytics platform for integration all the hospitals systems, insights & predictions

SPAI is a predictive analytics tool the integrates and connects all the hospitals' systems and data points to one centralized dashboard to reduce fragmentation and discontinuity of care. 
Having a Hybrid Solution with Microsoft Azure enables minimizing the integration efforts, connecting SPAI to a secured and cloud environment, and putting all the data pieces at once.
In addition, SPAI reduces Misconding and Misdiagnosis by performing a Diagnosis Validation. SPAI reads and analyzes the clinicians' notes (NLP) and compares them to the EMR data (AI) to validate the Medical Conditions and find a mismatch within the EMR.
SPAI also provides Real-Time Predictions and Insights - SPAI assesses the risk of patients developing clinical implications in the time frames: short, mid, and long term and events of Acute, Acute on Chronic and Chronic. All of these predictions are provided with Accuracy and AUC-ROC of over 90%. This Accurate and timely information prevents future events or limits their severity.
SPAI continuously monitors the patients – inpatient, outpatient, and remotely to enable better management of care. Then, it identifies patients that need intervention and simulates the intervention effect on the patient's illness.
Besides the clinical predictions, SPAI provides Managerial & Financial projections for the financial teams and administrators - it Instills more confidence in the financial trajectory of the business overall. Therefore, mitigation efforts can be done before they hit the bottom line. 

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