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InfoCaption exists to make it easier for coworkers to help each other.

InfoCaption is Scandinavia's leading solution for Performance Support and e-learning. With InfoCaption, it's easy to create different types of guides that can be shared with co-workers of customers. The guides can easily be found exactly when needed, on search pages, in courses, in processes, by links or as embedded objects on a web page. Create Create web-based guides with video, screen recordings or text. Build handbooks, courses and process diagrams. Share There are many ways to easily share and reuse your material. As part of a handbook or course, as supporting guides on a customized search page or simply by linking. Find It is easy to find the content you seek. Whether it's through search pages, in handbooks or processes, or as a participant in courses and push trainings, you will find what you need when you need it. Created by the ones who know... At InfoCaption we do not believe in advanced tools that only a few in the organisation have access to. Explaining something with a guide should be simple and accessible. Therefore, our licence model is designed to make it easy to get new producers started. ... for those that need to know The created material can help your co-workers correctly perform the routines and tasks of your workplace. When you need information or know-how it is easy to find, since it is documented through easy-to-use search pages, portals or direct links. Always the latest material Each produced guide gets a unique ID. When a guide is updated, possibly for a new version of a system, no new material for the users is needed. The link to a certain guide always stays the same, even if the content changes.

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