Web App to Connect Edge Devices to Azure IoT

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Simplify Azure IoT Edge deployments for Intel Devices

Using this web-based application, users can easily and securely connect to Intel based devices to Microsoft* Azure IoT. Create resources, configure and monitor AI/IoT edge devices and use case deployments. The package installs Azure edge pre-requisites and allows the user to check the connectivity to the cloud through sample applications. The included examples provide step-by-step setup instructions to enable Microsoft* Azure IoT Hub connection (for PaaS solutions) or Azure IoT Central to utilize a pre-configured SaaS solution approach. Sample Device templates (included) enable visualization through Azure IoT Central Dashboard.


  • Automatic install of Azure* IoT Edge and other pre-requisites.
  • Latest OpenVINO™ toolkit  installed to quickly start AI / Vision applications
  • Option to select between Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central
  • Pre-validated sample People Counter Application included
  • Connect using any Intel device with Intel Atom®, Intel® Core™ or Intel® Xeon processor

This web-application and several other reference implementations, including computer vision and deep learning applications for Intel® architectures are also available at Intel’s Edge Software Hub (ESH). This application is available under two locations of ESH as Connect Edge Device to Azure IoT standalone user case and under the Edge Insights for Vision Package. Please refer to the documentation on the additional components available through Vision package. For a list of all Reference Implementation, Use Cases and Packages refer to the solutions page of ESH.

To get started on Intel supported developer kits click here. For additional kits please refer to our recommended device catalog.

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