Intelligent Traffic Management

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Collected Intelligence to detect and track pedestrians and vehicles

  • Multi-channel support to use multiple input video feeds
  • Options to configure input feed
  • Visualization right on the edge through Grafana Dashboard
  • Edge2Cloud through Azure IoT Central
  • Supported Platforms: Linux (ubuntu), Windows-EFLOW
  • Supported hardware: CPU, iGPU, HDDL-R, VPU

* Please refer to the recommended hardware list to select the right hardware.

The user can continue to enhance the application just for the edge (Linux only or on Windows EFLOW) or extend it to the cloud through Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub or create a Custom App through Azure* IoT Central. Run a sample script to fetch telemetry data from Influx DB where all data is locally stored and send data to the Azure IoT Central dashboard for visualization and other services to meet their needs.

Edge Software Hub (ESH)

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