Colibri Platform

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Extensible modular IOT platform for edge inteligence applications

Modular sensing platform for edge intelligence applications to improve insight generation and decision making by leveraging gathered data.

We offer full turnkey projects and custom configured solutions that support numerous sensors, power and processor configurations to suit several industries requirements: industrial, farm, oil & gas, smart cities, etc.

Take advantage of the following features:


Based on the Colibri sensor platform, allowing for the customization of sensing capabilities, by incorporating only the necessary modules according to the needs of each application. Swap and upgrade modules whenever needed to lower operating costs.


Wide possibility of expansion and configuration since it supports the connection of up to 5 different expansion modules, processing module, power module, USB port, etc.


According to the specific needs of sensorization, more or less sensors, grid, solar or battery-based power modules, different types of wireless or wired connectivity modules and information processing capabilities of up to 4 cores can be incorporated.


Monitor live processes and events as they happen to trigger automations or live notifications.


Go back in time and drill down into historical and statistical data. Draw conclusions or use it to forecast.


Leverage edge intelligence technologies to process data as it’s generated and generate valuable insights.


Redundant power supplies and connectivity modules offer higher robustness during operation.


Consulting services, proofs of concept and scaled up solutions can be provided to best suit customer needs. By means of leveraging our expertise and custom configured or designed solutions, we can provide high added value to the customer.

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