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Create courses. Engage learners. Assess instantly. Connect seamlessly.

Looking to teach online?

With no upfront costs or lengthy implementation, you can get started today, allowing you to focus on your business and get your learners learning.

With social learning at its heart, iQualify gives you the tools to deliver your courses anywhere and anytime. Create courses that engage your learners and assess in real time with interactive tasks and quizzes. Award badges to recognize their success and get your learners where they want to be - faster.

With iQualify you can:

  • Quickly create courses with engaging and dynamic content

  • Provide learners with rich online experiences they can access anywhere on any device

  • Assess instantly with our robust and flexible assessment options

  • Recognise success with digital badges

  • Represent your brand and have your learning space look and feel like you.

Seamless integration

iQualify's developer API allows you to connect to your existing systems putting you in control. With a raft of integration options you can use tools such as Azure Logic Apps to connect other services to iQualify including Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI.

Visit now for a 30-day free trial.

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