JKIT Smart Office (MVP1)

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John Keells IT Smart Office (MVP1) is a mobile app built to enhance employee workflows and processes

Transform your WORKFORCE experience in the age of disruption with our SMART solutions

In this day and age telecommuting has become a major disruption for all businesses and now organizations are looking for remote collaboration tools, which enable teams to connect and collaborate in a virtual office environment.

We at John Keells IT have developed the SMART Office solution in the form of a mobile application that will act as a personal assistant to employees of a company which is backed by an Admin portal which allows easy configurations providing more control for the employers.

The modern design and architecture of this solution; built on the Microsoft Azure framework enables to pose as a single point of integration to different platforms in an organization whilst providing features for employee collaboration, development and wellbeing.

To be more specific the application allows employees to create and submit various types of requests and route through all kinds of automated office workflows from petty cash or cash advance request flows to leave approvals etc. with integrations to HR systems or ERP systems in your organization. This eliminates tedious time-consuming work involved in manually completing forms and seeking approvals.

Moreover, a sophisticated notifications module is in place to ensure that relevant users are informed of pending actions requiring attention. Additionally, the management can take responsive actions at their convenience using the mobile app and finance personnel are able to initiate accounting postings in a click of a button; handing control over to the system to carry out supplementary tasks related to the same.

Super charge your WORKFORCE with US

Our platform is multifaceted in terms of a mobile application and a Web application built with integrations to Outlook and MS Teams to provide an omnichannel experience to users along with a powerful Backend Portal for client admins to manage configurations.

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