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Kallidus performance management software.

Reach top organisational goals

Kallidus Perform is a cutting edge performance management solution. It’s been designed to meet the needs of the modern organisation and the new world of work, enabling check-ins and reviews anytime, any place, anywhere. With Perform in place, traditional paper-based appraisal systems can be quickly and completely replaced, reducing cost, saving time and increasing productivity.

Your entire workforce, from CEO to front line employee, is able to embrace a refreshingly simple approach to performance management. Arduous annual reviews are replaced by a fluid system with flexible objectives, frequent feedback, collaboration and coaching empowering your workforce to improve performance in real-time.

With Perform in place, objectives will naturally cascade down from senior leaders to front line employees, enabling any organisation to gain complete visibility of goals, productivity and performance up and down the business.

Employees gain total clarity around their role; in a single click they can see what’s expected of them and easily update their progress on personal objectives. The open feedback system promotes greater engagement between employees and managers, driving meaningful conversations and creating closer, better working relationships.

Perform makes people management easy. It provides managers with the structured framework they need to get the best out of their team. In just a few clicks, they can track progress and productivity against objectives, get an accurate report of performance and understand who needs praise and who needs support. With complete clarity over individual and team performance, managers can consistently drive performance improvements.

With all data in a single place, you gain complete transparency of performance management across the entire organisation, providing a clear audit trail to evidence compliance and make better decisions to drive continuous improvement.

The first step to working together is a short, exploratory conversation to understand your performance management objectives. We’ll then schedule a demonstration to show you exactly how Perform will overcome your performance management challenges and will support you in achieving your goals.

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