Call Center Real-time Speech to Text

KiZAN Technologies

Call Center Real-time Speech to Text


A call center real-time speech-to-text solution with intent and sentiment analysis in financial services.

Our solution customizes Cognitive Services speech-to-text engine capabilities to cancel background-noise and mitigate recording-quality issues typically encountered in call-center environments. This solution can also be trained to recognize complex patterns-of-speech which are unique to your business.



Using manual methods, call centers often listen to 3-4% of calls, which is very costly. Understanding the intent of a call early can help route callers to the right representative, reducing call time and increasing satisfaction.

Modern platforms can be trained quickly and show a 50+% increase in accuracy. The trained models can deployed and scale within minutes to accommodate high, real-time call volumes.

The solution will:

  • Verify a caller’s identity with greater accuracy
  • Keep callers in an automated workflow and align them with the proper representative
  • If live agent cost is $5, and automated assistance is $0.45, keeping 20% in automated workflows can save $4.5M+

Target audience

  • Call centers (i.e., customer support)
  • CIO, IT Directors


  • Financial Services
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