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Manage cost, security, governance and compliance for just 1% of your monthly Azure bill

PowerBoard is a cloud management platform for Azure:
  1. Cost management and cost optimization
    1. Cost visibility
    2. Azure cost optimization best practices
    3. Identify idle resources
    4. Right size resources
  2. Continuous security management
    1. Azure security center
    2. Azure defender
    3. Azure security best practices
  3. Governance
    1. Tagging
    2. Backups
    3. Detached resources
    4. Change History
    5. Trends
  4. Executive summary
  5. Many more features for your teams to manage your Azure subscriptions efficiently
  6. Free 14 days trial, no credit card required
  7. Integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack
  8. Dedicated cloud consultant to review your cloud workloads and share a monthly report 
  9. White label and reselling opportunities available
  10. App needs read only access of your Azure subscriptions
  11. Billed at 1% of your monthly cloud bill
  12. No annual contracts, pay every month, cancel anytime you want

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