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ProMark - Workforce Management

ProMark is a best of breed Workforce Management solution that enables midsize companies to plan the right resources at the right time and for the right job, and ensure that the resources are correctly paid for in the most efficient manner. The solution also supports collection of critical job, process and project data for complete control of activities and production processes, allowing companies to improve productivity and achieve savings across the organisation. 

The functionality is split into four main areas:
  1. Time & attendance (salaried staff and hourly workers)
  2. Absence management
  3. Task management
  4. Scheduling
With ProMark Cloud you are ensured a stable platform that keeps your ProMark solution running 24/7 with full service on the server operation. ProMark is also offered on private cloud or as an on-premise solution.
ProMark has user interfaces for every need. Whether the company chooses to collect data via smartphones, tablets, portal and/or terminals, the employees get a simple and intuitive tool that simplifies registration of time & attendance, absence, jobs and activities and provides easy access to information and self-service options. 
In addition, ProMark seamlessly integrates with Microsoft solutions like Office365, Dynamics365, Dynamics NAV/AX and HR platforms like SuccessFactors as well as a wide range of payroll systems.

Customer Benefits

ProMark tracks time & attendance, absence as well as job and project progress in real time at a detailed level and facilitates scheduling the right resources for the right time and activities. Through integration with other key business systems – and, consequently, the exchange of data – the company obtains flexible and effective support of their processes. This reduces administration time and cost, increases productivity and ensures a solid and factual basis for daily business decisions.
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