Martello Vantage Dx

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Monitoring Troubleshooting of Microsoft Teams call quality & Microsoft 365 user experience

Martello Vantage DX™ is your all-in-one solution to detect, alert, prioritize and help you resolve Microsoft Teams call quality issues and any Microsoft 365 performance problems.

Whether your users are remote or at the office, Martello Vantage DX collects the user experience data, detects and alerts on any issues and then correlates this data with powerful network path analysis and synthetic transaction tests.

With advanced feature for Microsoft Teams, Martello Vantage DX transforms the Teams calls performance data into actionable insights whether it is peer to peer or Teams phone calls made through Calling Plans, Direct Routing or Operator Connect.

It also consolidates insights from every Teams call issues with SBC call detail reports and device performance metrics to provide a single pane of glass to manage Microsoft Teams Unified communication services.

Martello Vantage DX restores the visibility that the IT teams need on Microsoft 365 and Teams end to end service delivery to ensure user satisfaction and maximum Return on Investment.

Designed to help and coordinate the entire supply chain of the Microsoft service delivery (Tenant owner, Service owner, Administrators, Support level 2 and 3, Helpdesk, ITSM service desk, Network), Martello Vantage empowers the entire IT to efficiently manage and improve the Quality of Service of Microsoft 365 applications.

Thanks to Martello Vantage, every stakeholder can visualize the user experience of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 applications allowing them to detect understand and report on the root cause of call issues and performance problem and continuously improve the service quality delivered to the Business Lines.

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