PeSTREG solution by MERP

argitaratzailea: Merp Systems Inc

PeSTREG - a streamlined registration management system accelerator solution by MERP

MERP has developed a streamlined registration management system accelerator solution using the Microsoft Power Platform. This solution is designed to facilitate the communication, collaboration, review, and approval of new registrations and renewal applications of pesticides. Microsoft Power Platform was chosen as the framework solution considering all aspects of the core functionality needs, security, scalability, and extensibility of the final product.
The solution have Portal Interface for registrants for registration and renewal, payment processing feature for applications, and firm affiliation request support for third-party providers. MERP's PeSTREG solution handles registration and renewal submission triaging, Case assignation, review, validation, and document verification. The solution supports document and record management using SharePoint, electronic signature management, and provides Workflow and business process configuration with role-based security.

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