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Its a tool that is needed to successfully clean & match your data for the datasets.

MatchPoint works well with Microsoft’s Azure platform and has proven to be a cost-effective way to profile, cleanse and match data for consumption by analytics and big data programs. Mindtree's goal is to provide a professional service that would help our customers to start with or extend their use of the Azure cloud platform by extending our expertise, capabilities, and knowledge that they either do not have in-house or need assistance with. Here are the key capabilities that MatchPoint offers: 
Data Profiling: Helps you get powerful insights on: 
Pattern Frequency 
Understand Cardinality 
Unique Value Counts 
Category Counts 
Null Value Analysis 
Duplication Analysis 
Cross Reference: Offers powerful tools to help you standardize the data value and manage cross references 
Abbreviation Dictionary 
Word Replacement 
Attribute Mapping 
Data Cleansing: Includes powerful cleansing tools for: 
Abbreviation Replacement 
Reformatting Functions 
Text Standardization 
Language Translation 
Find and Replace 
Attribute Extraction 
Matching: Offers powerful matching tools that uses ready to match algorithms including: 
Jaro / Winkler 
Jaccard Comparison 
Levenshtein Distance 
Longest Common Substring 
Word Matching 
Key Benefits achieved:  
Simplifies keying and linking of product codes for customers largely in the CPG space where they need to resolve matching and master resolution issues across large volume of product description data  MatchPoint has saved over 5000 hours of manual labor in cleaning data each year for a large CPG company  

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