Minisis Inc.

Legal and self-imposed requirements to meet digital preservation best-practices and standards.

Organizations are facing growing pressure to store and preserve vast amounts of information. As this information increases exponentially, they are presented with the daunting task of managing these assets. The threat of file obsolescence and bit-rot on storage media, as well as the need to produce a trusted version of an asset further complicate the scenario. A means is needed to collect, validate, manage, and maintain digital assets for future users. The MINISIS Trusted Digital Repository is both a software and a service offering that can solve this growing need. MINISIS has the advantage of being able to leverage its full-range of archival and cataloging software to provide a complete solution. It serves organizations wishing to not only preserve digital assets but also make them available dynamically: allowing online searches as well as access to digital versions in a format desired by end-users.
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